Smart PR Strategies to rise your brand value

Establishing a medium of trust and transparency as the leading Advertising and Public Relation Agency in Bangalore, we uses approach as a cohesive branding and research team veteran in amassing and presenting the right information with the proper assortment of qualitative and quantitative research, to deliver best public relation services. This creates the groundwork for public relations, advertising and branding campaigns that hit the mark and creates a difference. We are committed to work with you transparently as one of best companies with good public relations for efficient problem-solving from start to finish. Our powerful, stress-free, integrated set of applications permit your business to contentedly attract, engross, and delight customers by delivering heading toward experiences that are relevant, supportive, and personalized.

We provide PR strategy that are not only good for big brands to get media coverage but also for small business without a big marketing budget. We provide you with all public relations services like Media Relations, Image Management, Brand Management, Brand Positioning and Brand Awareness as well as the Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing services

Mindfleck Pvt Ltd was net with the pooled idea of fetching 'the most cherished PR firm in India'. We are fabricated on values where our people are our supreme primacy and the team strives to deliver counsel and campaigns that are not just media-centric. In responding to the market need, we are also engrossed on executing spotlessly and commendably across mediums. Public Relations in the interconnected world will continue to grow and we will cultivate newfangled models and styles to be the change agents for the industry.

Mindfleck Pvt Ltd believes that our victory hinge on our clients’ success.From mounting influential stories for clients, to join forces with the media, to enlisting our clients on Television, in newspapers or in magazines, in radio shows, we have fruitfully united our clients in numerous 360 communications campaigns. We are committed to propose specialized campaigns buoyed by passable individual attention that a brand commands. In the sphere of PR, it is crucial to cultivate storytelling aptitudes – every single aspect of what we do implicates storytelling on certain level, and it’s one of the most important skills for us to master mutually for ourselves and our clients. In Mindfleck we create and cultivate dominant, impact client stories that boom with the media and peripheral audiences.

Articulated by,
Manisha Dhanwani


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