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Mindfleck Pvt Ltd., creates well-executed and well-contemplated high quality audio & visuals that showcase one of the most enthralling programs that would effectively stimulate interest in the mind of audiences.  We create unique, classy, elegant visual with sterling quality copyright sounds. The uniqueness and creativity makes Mindfleck one of the Best Corporate Film Makers in Bangalore. Task is conducted diligently with great efficiency to execute Excellency and creativity, our prime objective is to make the visual dynamic and joyous so that the audiences always have an everlasting positive impression. Mindfleck provides facilities to clients to create spectacular Recognition & Rewards award ceremonies and events acknowledging the commitment and focus of employees who have performed exclusively all throughout the year. Mindfleck create & deliver all the hand-outs, momentum, gift & vouchers to employees for Recognition and rewards event.The work is processed to bring definite outcome with great Excellency and creativity to acquire the overall objective, keeping in consideration the firm’s goals, values and motto the service provided can meet the whole objective adhering to their requirement, stipulation and needs of the client’s. Mindfleck initiates astonishing Events, having years of experience in Event Management we are able to create innovative, vibrant, classy &style event in the present market trend targeting audiences appropriately, our consistent efforts shows that we are one among the best Advertisement Firm in present competitive market.

Mindfleck young and experienced innovative team accomplish inspiring work in synchronization to client requirement. The outcome of ad will be exclusive to market standards; visual will set a new trend in market. We are also one of the leading Digital Communications Agency connecting consumers, corporate, technology & Brands in digital world using the best of online platform to right target audiences at right time. We understand, develop and trigger Social Media Services and Digital Marketing campaigns that drive tangible results for our clients. We help brands navigate and communicate through today's perplex media landscapes.Our strong media network allows to source and select media platforms for a client's brand or product to use precise campaign strategy for significant results. The contemplation and formulation of the Marketing Plan is strategized appropriately in Mindfleck to set the direction of the business cogently.Our Public Relation (PR) skill will connect to the real time audience in tangible world for business identity and image recognition help to build positive reputation. 


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